Full Day Coverage 

From beginning to end and everything in between, not a detail forgotten. No time limits and no extra charges.  We will be there to get every shot.  Then will work around the clock to get your video edited and posted online for you to share with friends and family. 

Cruise in for a day

Stopping by the USVI for the afternoon to get married while on your cruise?  No problem.  We will be there to meet you when you arrive and acompany you through the service and whatever celebration you have planned afterwards.

Slow Motion Photobooth

We are proud to offer a new spin on the photobooth. Maybe the most fun way to capture the guests at your special event, is the SloMo Photo Booth. Instead of still images this photobooth captures video of guests at 120 Frames Per Second and is slowed down to give the "action movie sequence" feel. 

We'll bring the costumes, glitter, silly string and other party favors! All the craziness your guests come up with, we capture in mesmerizing slow motion!

Click below to see our SloMo videos | (310) 435-2067

6501 Red Hook Plaza suite 201 | St. Thomas, USVI 00802